Brand Purpose of Lifespice

Lifespice - The Brand with a Purpose

WHO and Indian Health Ministry publish data on LLY (Lost Life Years) and DALY(Disability adjusted Life years). In recent years this number is going up at the rate of 8% per annum. Most of these are due to heart ailments, Cancer, Asthma/pulmonary complications, Diabetes and Cholesterol related ailments. Lifespice has invented mixes to upregulate genes and counter all of these ailments. The Promoters have pledged to rest only when they see a reduction in LLY and DALY – simply by making India eat differently. 

Promoters' Pledge

We, the promoters of Lifespice India Pvt Ltd, pledge that we shall produce the purest spice mixes with health-boosting Phytochemical combinations to create exotic flavours using most hygienic practices and help you Reimagine cooking to Redefine Wellbeing.

We shall rest only when we see a reduction in India's "Lost Life Years" and "Disability Allowed Life Years".