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Powdered spices industry in India has existed for more than a century and has grown to INR 60,000 crores today. However all players produce only recipe-based mixes. Infact all companies produce the same mixes, with slightly varying compositions. Most mix recipes include components like Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Rice flour, Gram Flour along with spices claiming to replicate traditional food flavours. We have today migrated to various brands of premix dry powders containing an agglomeration of dehydrated components along with dry spice powders - that were never a traditional practise …and even labelled them traditional recipes. Consumer has no choice of pure spice blends – it’s either the premix or make at home!

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  • Vikram Srinivasan

    I m using this products, all the products are top class ,கலப்படமில்லாத அருமையான ஒரு மசாலா. Tea masala is giving relief for throat quality wise top class .my rating is 5/5 all the best for the company .life spice has become our part of our daily life .

  • Ananda Ganesh K

    Tea masala is excellent taste with home made healthy mix. All spices are very tasty and made with health care conscious. Spend for life spice rather than spend more for hospitals.

  • Prabakaran S G

    Excellent product for healthy and tasty one . science backed spices ."Must to purchase " productsI have tried tea masala,which is having excellent medication property for throat infection and i got cured.Similarly briyani masala and other masala also tried , Excellent products.