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Lifespice India Pvt Ltd

Lifespice Premium Tikka marinade - 100g pouch

Lifespice Premium Tikka marinade - 100g pouch

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Introducing Lifespice premium Tikka Marinade, a culinary delight that transports your taste buds to vibrant flavours of India. Our expertly crafted marinade is enriched with aromatic spices and the finest Indian chilli.

Convenience meets exceptional taste with Lifespice Tikka Marinade. Simply pour over chicken, lamb, or paneer, and let the flavours infuse. The exquisite blend of spices and Indian chilli tenderizes and enhances the meat to perfection.

We take pride in sourcing top-quality ingredients for Lifespice Tikka Marinade, ensuring an authentic taste in every pouch. From fiery Indian chilli to fragrant coriander, our carefully selected spices create a harmonious symphony of flavours.

Unleash your culinary creativity with Lifespice. Grill, bake, or pan-sear to create mouthwatering kebabs, wraps, or curries bursting with the rich and authentic taste of India.

Elevate your cooking with Lifespice premium Tikka Marinade. Order now and embark on a flavorful journey celebrating India's vibrant and spicy cuisine. Perfect for home cooks and chefs alike."


These mixes are made from only spices, original spices and crafted to give you not just culinary satisfaction but also to enhance your wellbeing! No additives, no food Colours, no salt, no preservative is added.



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