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Lifespice Roasted Mundu Chilli Powder - 500g pouch

Lifespice Roasted Mundu Chilli Powder - 500g pouch

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Revitalise Your Senses with Premium Dried Ramnad Mundu Chilli - More Than a Spice!

Immerse yourself in the essence of India as our vibrant red chillies, meticulously sun-dried to perfection, grace your palate with their mild pungency and exquisite colour. Elevate your culinary creations with the enchanting touch of our handpicked dried Mundu chilli, sourced from the renowned Ramnad district of Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

Unleash the Power of Red Chillies! Beyond their culinary allure, these dried treasures are renowned for their exceptional ability to invigorate your energy levels and sharpen focus like never before. Experience a natural boost that transforms your meals into moments of vitality and concentration.

Your Safety is Our Priority! We've taken every step to ensure the utmost quality. Our chillies undergo a rigorous fumigation process followed by meticulous manual sorting, guaranteeing you a pouch free from pale and discoloured chillies. Rest assured knowing you're relishing a product free from harmful aflatoxins, ensuring a wholesome culinary adventure.

The Stemless red round chillies, exclusively sourced from the heart of Tamil Nadu are Enriched with capsaicin. Each pouch promises an authentic, mildly spicy experience that dances on your taste buds and ignites your senses.

Embrace the Heat! Elevate your culinary experience with a burst of flavour, colour, and the promise of a India's culinary heritage. Get ready to enkindle your taste buds and energise your everyday!


These mixes are made from only spices, original spices and crafted to give you not just culinary satisfaction but also to enhance your wellbeing! No additives, no food Colours, no salt, no preservative is added.



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